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Who We Are

A squire was originally a young man who aspired to the rank of knighthood. As part of his development to that end, he served an existing knight as an attendant or shield carrier. The squire would sometimes carry the knight's flag to battle with his master. If he proved his loyalty in battle, he would have a dubbing, an official ceremony to become a knight

The typical duties of a squire included

  • Carrying the knight's armor, shield, and sword
  • Rescuing the knight should the knight be taken prisoner
  • Replacing the knight's sword if it was broken or dropped
  • Replacing the knight's horse with a new horse or the squire's should the horse be injured or killed
  • Carrying the knight's flag
  • Protecting the knight if needed

Pharmasquire aspires to be the Squire to Pharma Clients, carrying out responsibilities and supporting the Sales & Marketing Knights to accomplish their corporate objectives


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